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Frequently asked questions asked by parents looking for the best schools near Brighton

How do I find out what schools are available around Brighton? 

There are some frighteningly frank websites for you to choose from. The Government one is You simply enter your location, perhaps Brighton, or another location and select primary schools or secondary schools. All the information parents need all there in percentages!

You could also try the paid for websites like . This one is quite cheap and you can pay monthly.

This is of course just the very first stage in selecting a school. You will to need see the videos on this page before even thinking of visiting the shortlist of schools on your list.

How do I find the state school catchment area in or around Brighton? 
If you just need to know your school catchment area try .If you are looking for exhaustive information on the schools as well go to

How do I find out how good a school is?
You will absolutely have to visit the school. However, do look at the video below. For armed is to be fore warned!

Nursery Schools

What's the difference between nursery and preschool? 
Preschools usually work around a formal curriculum and trained teachers - making them a little more expensive! Nursery schools are usually a more relaxed learning environment and more flexible enrolment terms. They are also cheaper and vary greatly.

What age is a preschooler? Ages up to 4 is considered preschooler with toddlers are 1 - 3 year old bracket. Basically 4-year-old are not 'toddling' around any more and so are no longer toddlers!

What does preschool mean? A preschool, or nursery school, is a pre-primary school, or play school for early childhood education. Preschool is for children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. 

Is Pre K considered preschool? Pre K schools are pre-kindergartens.

This page should help you answer these school finding questions!


Local Area Creches and Day Nurseries for BN3
Click also to find: Childcare Services, Nursery Schools, After School Care

PreSchools and Playgroups for Brighton

Blueberry Nursery & Early Year School

5 Davigdor Rd, Hove BN3 1QB, UK – 01273 733799

A very warm atmosphere in a wonderful neighbourhood

The Brighton & Hove Montessori School

67 Stanford Ave, Brighton BN1 6FB, UK – 01273 702485

I love this school.. to me it's exactly what a school should be. It's like a family more than an 'institution' and as a parent you feel very much in touch with the running and decision making. You are listened to and respected and yet not 'pandered to'. It's small and intimate but not cliquey or exclusive. I've really grown to love Daisy who runs the school.. she's a unique strong woman who doesn't take any BS and cares passionately about the emotional health of the children. She has been doing this for a long time and that stamina and love for what she does cannot be faked. Supported by Gerry they make a great team. Watching them work together is a real breath of fresh air.. no office politics, just mutual respect. Our child has been at the school for 2 years now and he has gone from a reluctant attendee to absolutely loving it. The respect and encouragement he gets is literally priceless. Ben who teaches the over 6s upstairs is lovely and gentle. Our boy is 5 so is still a part of the 'Children's House'. Elani is his teacher and we feel totally blessed that she is part of his life. Our son is smitten! Elani's understanding of children is profound. We have had a couple of meetings with her and both times have been blown away by her insights. What's best is that on top of all the important education stuff you can have a good laugh with the whole team.. there's no aloofness or stand offishness. All in all it's a tippety top cracker..

My son was very happy and gladly went to school at this school. We had our ups and downs but all in all, it was a happy experience

West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School

Hangleton Way, Hove BN3 8BN, UK – 01273 770777

I was here for most of Year 5 and all of Year 6 after I moved from my old school.

Brilliant caring school with great diverse community.

After School Care

Little Angels Day Care Nursery

18 Whitethorn Dr, Brighton BN1 5LH, UK – 01273 380067

Good carrying staff and friendly

Fizzy Fish

21 Tudor Cl, Hove BN3 7NR, UK – 01273 227425

Great place!

Kumon Brighton Central

The Fountain Centre, 8HG, 1 Braybon Ave, Brighton BN1 8EA, UK – 01273 500887

Our two sons have been attending this Kumon centre since they were Year 1&2, and their confidence towards academic ability is more than we can wish for. Boys now (after many years doing Kumon) understand the power of this methodology, and we appreciate Julia's professional attitude and enthusiasm as pupils and parents. Thank you, Julia!!

Our son attended Kumon maths classes with Julia from ages 6 to 11. The methodology of the teaching meant he gained in confidence and his mental maths (including his times tables) improved dramatically. He was often asked to explain to the rest of his class at school, his approach to maths problem solving, which continued into secondary school, using the methods he had learnt from Kumon. The excellent way in which Julia runs this centre made all the difference. Her individual character and personality, enthusiasm and engagement with both the pupils and parents, create a great learning environment. We have no hesitation in highly recommending this Kumon centre, and Julia, as being of real benefit. Maths was not our son’s strongest subject, however he managed to achieve a good grade at GCSE, and we firmly believe that the foundations he learnt from attending Kumon played a big part in his success.

Choosing a school around Brighton. This is an Australian video but has some really good Tips!

Brighton Independent Schools - Prep & Secondary - for Brighton

Independent Schools for Brighton - private preparatory and senior schools. Prep schools age 8 yrs to 11yrs or 13 yrs. Senior schools age 11yrs or 13 yrs to 18yrs. Some independent schools have a pre-prep department (age 3 to 8yrs) as well as prep and senior schools. Independent schools can be co-educational or single sex.

Best Brighton Secondary Schools -

Windlesham School Brighton

190 Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 5AA, UK – 01273 553645

Both my children have attended Windlesham school over the last 10 years. They are both very different children but both have had extremely positive experiences in the Windlesham environment. They have been treated as individuals and have been encouraged to develop their own talents both academically and across a diverse extra curricular programme. The school is growing from strength to strength providing a robust learning experience in a creative and relaxed environment. The recent leadership change has been a smooth transition and is already delivering new exciting initiatives for pupils and families.

Such a fantastic school, from the personal greeting each morning at the Welcome Gate, to the nurturing and caring environment provided by the teachers at the school. My children really enjoy the time they spend here, learning in a way that exites and keeps them engaged.

Cardinal Newman Catholic School and Sixth Form College

The Upper Dr, Hove BN3 6ND, UK – 01273 558551

the teachers r helping the student's which is good :D

This is da best skool eva

The Drive Prep School

101 The Drive, Hove BN3 6GE, UK – 01273 738444

I cannot emphasise enough how brilliant this school is! Children's wellbeing is really at the heart of this school, they feel safe, liked supported, valued and so they inevitably engage better with the learning process, become more curious and enthusiastic about subjects. My children are really happy here and as a parent so am I.

Great school warm and friendly atmosphere my son like the school nice helpful teachers everything is great

Independent Schools

Bartholomews Tutorial College

Bartholomews Tutorial College, Prince Albert St, Brighton BN1 1HF, UK – 01273 205965

I retook my exams at Bartholomews Tutorial College in 1994 to 1995, very glad to see it still going strong! The staff got me through my GCSEs as I had some 'problems' at the school I went to - not naming names! I would've failed otherwise, no doubt. I work in private health care now. Thanks Bartholomews College, keep up the good work! x

Brighton & Hove Prep

Radinden Manor Rd, Hove BN3 6NH, UK – 01273 280200

It was great

Brighton & Hove High School

Montpelier Rd, Brighton BN1 3AT, UK – 01273 280280

Art class, great teachers...

Remember the years fondly 😊❤️👍

Local Authority Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools

Local Authority primary and secondary schools for BN3 2SU . LEA primary schools age 4yrs (the year in which a child is 5) to 11yrs. Secondary schools age 11yrs to 16yrs or 18 yrs. Each school has a local catchment area.

Primary Schools

Brunswick Primary School

Somerhill Rd, Hove BN3 1RP, UK – 01273 711816

I am currently in year 7 after going to Brunswick for 7 years. Brunswick was, in my opinion, the best primary school I could have gone to. The facilities are great there with a huge field and separate playgrounds for the infants and juniors. I 100% would recommend this school for anyone in the catchment area. Thank you Brunswick for a great education, awesome friends and a kick start into secondary school.

Very good school , taught me a lot from reception to year 6 but unfortunately they changed the school name . #Somerhill4ever #longlivesomerhill. : )

Balfour Primary School

Balfour Rd, Brighton BN1 6NE, UK – 01273 507722

I spent 4 years at this school and left almost 4 years ago. In general, it's a good place, but a lot of changes need to be made and many students were bullied and not much was done about it. As an over-achiever like I was, I felt I couldn't reach my full potential at Balfour but now I've moved on to a higher education, teachers pay more attention to my personal needs more than they ever did here.

An excellent school under the leadership of Mr Staricoff. It is a sham that funding has been removed for Brighton & Hove Inclusion Support Service (BHISS) so that less gifted children no longer have additional support. It has become a school that champions those children who can boast the school's SATs results and sweeps under the carpet those children with learning difficulties.

Aldrington C of E Primary School

Eridge Rd, Hove BN3 7QD, UK – 01273 542656

Simply the Best Primary School in Brighton and Hove!

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted reports directly to Parliament and is independent and impartial, inspecting and regulating services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

Click for the full database of OFSTED's inspection reports - check out schools in BN3 or anywhere in the country.
GetTheRightSchool was formed to offer a unique reference point on getting your child into the school of your choice. The web site covers all you need to about education choices with tips and a guide to the application process and issues that could impact your child's school day, from dealing with bullying, to money issues, to how to work out school catchment areas when they move schools.
Independent Schools Council Website - has a search facility: by county, school or postcode. The ISC brings together eight associations of independent schools, their heads, bursars and governors and represents over 1,200 independent schools in the UK and overseas.
Schools Web Directory - lists all UK local education authorities with a click-through to their websites. Each Local Authority has lists of its own schools and details of application procedures.
Contact details & Websites of 4,065 Schools in Ireland - search by map or county list
Lists more than 31,000 UK state and independent schools and colleges, including over 26,000 UK School, College and University Websites. Search for schools or search for educational establishments anywhere in the UK by geographical county, postcode, name or LEA.

BBC Live Educational News

'We can only buy one £2.10 school meal a week for our daughter'

Alishah doesn't qualify for free school meals, but her parents are among many struggling with lunch costs.

Quarter of 17-19-year-olds have probable mental disorder - study

An NHS Digital report for England indicates how likely children and young people are to have poor mental health.

Online Safety Bill: Plan to make big tech remove harmful content axed

Minister denies weakening the Online Safety Bill after dropping the "legal but harmful" material measures.

Warning of crisis in Scottish childminding sector

The Scottish Childminding Association says 34% of carers have left the profession since 2016.

Dyslexia support centres
Click also to find: Education Agencies & Authorities, Schools - Independent & Preparatory
Special schools for Brighton for moderate to severe learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism, Physical impairment, complex health needs, communication difficulties, dyspraxia and other special needs.

Special Needs Schools around you

Downs Park School

Foredown Rd, Portslade-by-Sea, Portslade, Brighton BN41 2FU, UK – 01273 417448


Hillside School

Foredown Rd, Portslade, Brighton BN41 2FU, UK – 01273 416979

Great little school.

Patcham House School

7 Old London Rd, Brighton BN1 8XR, UK – 01273 551028

Very good

Website with facility to search for many different kinds of special needs schools and links to lots of support groups.  Find a special needs school near Brighton or search the website for special schools throughout the UK

Adult Education Centres for BN3 - Language Tuition

Adult Education Centres for Brighton which may run evening or daytime language classes

Adult Education

Foredown Tower

Foredown Rd, Portslade, Brighton BN41 2EW, UK – 01273 415625

Stunning views of coast, the Downs and surrounding villages/towns with fascinating local history entertainingly given. And a bargain at £2.50 each.

Sussex Wine School

Hotel Du Vin, 2 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AD, UK – 01273 978122

Just completed the 4 Week course on France Vs New World. I found the course very informative and am certainly better equipped now to make educated selections at both restaurants and shops- which I am already putting into practise. I’d recommend a Sussex Wine School course to anyone wanting to learn more about their favourite tipple.

To date, I've been doing courses since September 2017 with Sussex Wine School and I have been most impressed with their efforts in organisation, knowledge of trainers and choice of venue for wine-tasting events. The ethos seems to be one of informality yet with an emphasis of acquiring new knowledge for those who like myself knew little about wine, except for a rudimentary preference for certain wines over others. There are so many courses people can do and I did my first exam in wine which was delivered very well by Lisana who has a wonderful manner and has so much knowledge like Jonny the owner. It's a professional outfit yet is unpretentious. I look forward to doing more courses.

The Learning People

Second floor, The Agora, Ellen St, Brighton & Hove, Hove BN3 3LN, UK – 01273 907919

Excellent education professionals who are knowledgeable and student-centric. Couldn't recommend more!

Great help! Would recommend to friends!

Language Schools

Oxford International Brighton

10 Brunswick Pl, Hove BN3 1NA, UK – 01273 323220

it`s not bad school but i think there`s schools beter

so far so good

ISE Language Ltd (ISE Hove)

2 The Drive, Hove BN3 3JA, UK – 01273 749244

Taking part in the part-time CELTA 2016-2017 group was a fantastic experience.The trainees were friendly and the tutors were very knowledgeable , approachable and inspiring. I have made some good friends during the course, and I do recommend it for everyone who wants to develop their career as English teachers.

I learned more about lesson preparation and delivery from ISE than I did on my PGCE. All staff are very experienced, professional and fair. They take the trouble to make it very simple. I think the two most important words I'll take into my practice are, 'Show me'. :)

ISE Brighton

34 Duke St, Brighton BN1 1BS, UK – 01273 384800

I've been studying at this school since September! Amazing school and amazing staff 🔝😊

Ise school is the best school in Brighton; it has a owner really focused on students needs, a FANTASTIC managing and staff all, competitive prices. the school is well oriented to create a team building within students who become good friends in really little time thanks to the multiple activities available; teachers are really competent!

Language Schools for Brighton

Language schools for BN3. Also consider Adult Education Centres which might run evening language classes

Private Tutors for Brighton

Private Tuition for BN3
Click also to find: Language Schools, Translators & Interpreters

Private Tutors

Lloyd Coote Bass

17 Chapel Mews, Hove, Brighton BN3 1AR, UK – 07756 724676

Excellent Bass tutor. Knowledgeable and easy going. Highly recommend 👍

Edmunds Maths Tuition

99 Ashdown, Eaton Road, Hove BN3 3AR, UK – 01273 746125

Susan is an outstanding maths tutor. She was able to explain things to my daughter in such a way that she grasped what she had been unable to understand before. Consequently both her performance and her confidence rose considerably

Brighton Tutor

22 Buckingham Rd, Brighton BN1 3RH, UK – 07753 494159

Brilliant tutor. So kind and patient with our son who showed fantastic progress after a difficult transition into the UK education system. He actually looked forward to going each week!

Superb tutor, kind, friendly and utterly brilliant... i'll be recommending Sophie to all

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